Vulnerability is Sexy

Vulnerability- “the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally” or in layman’s terms, the ability to let others know how you feel in a given moment, is fucking sexy. I know, I know, you think you are a wuss if you show any emotion that could make you feel less powerful. In fact, you hide it. You keep it in. You won’t dare let her know you think of her. F*ck that man, that makes you WEAK.

Dude- I’m going to be straight with you- it doesn’t. In fact, it empowers you. Once you are vulnerable, you are the one in control.

No way man, she’ll take advantage of me. No way am I going to show her my emotions. She’ll have the upper hand. No dude. She won’t. In fact, you have no idea how the minute you express your affection for her that you “miss” her, or “thinking of “her, or that “you’re on my mind,” that telling her this is the very thing that will win her.

When you are vulnerable, you get to the deepest tenderness of another. Try it. And relish. As her heart will be fluttering. Her mind will be racing. And the fire, the fiery, and tingling, wiggling, oozing sensation you’ve been waiting for… is all yours. She is putty in your hands. Dude you totally scored.

Hearing someone say, “God, I really miss you” is hot.

Jacqueline Donelli is a Psychotherapist in NYC

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