More on Text Anxiety- Dominance vs. Submissive

On a daily basis we are dependent on our texts. That’s right. Dependent. We wait to see where we are going to meet, when is the next class, what time is the next meeting? What are you doing tonight? Do you want to meet for a drink? … Omg are you going to respond??

Welcome to text anxiety. And, it’s perhaps, the most modern anxiety today.

It gets better. There is text dominance and text submission.

Text dominance is the one who gets the text, the one now in control. The ball is in your court. You can hold on to that text and keep them waiting and yearning and fidgeting in their seats, waiting for that text from you. And with that wait time their thoughts are spinning, possibly catastrophizing an outcome you are not even aware of. Or better yet, maybe you are totally aware. My friend, you are in control of the anxiety you are creating. You win.

Text submissive is the giver. And since you sent the last text, you are the one checking your phone. (And according to my Google search, Americans check their cell phones 150 times a day. That means we reach for our phones every six minutes). You send the text. You wait. You become anxious. You’re mind spins, what time do they need to be there? Are they all going on Sat? Does she want to go out? Is he at work? Is she asleep? Is he going to answer my f*cking text??

And the game continues, dominance vs. submissive. Who would have thunk?

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