The Traveling Therapist!
As a traveling therapist, I am hoping to spread the importance for good, solid mental health to students across the U.S. and internationally. In school, we learn the obvious: Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Art-Language etc., and we learn the importance of good nutrition in Health class. But cognitive and emotional studies? Not so much. 
Who teaches our youth how to deal with anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy and panic attacks, for example? And why aren’t our schools teaching this? Without our emotions in check, it’s often quite difficult to deal with demands of life. 
How did we miss the obvious?
My approach is simple: to start with, a basic but strong approach to understanding why we have this full range of emotions, and how to simply cope with some of the negative ones. And furthermore, how our thoughts affect us.
Starting with lectures at NYC schools and colleges, I head to Europe, then make my way around the world….
Join me.